Melody Tunes

Hi! How are you today? On my way to work God said, “music” in my ear. I joke often with the Minister of Music at my church about joining the Praise Team. I was NOT about to take and and believe God wanted me to sing. I knew what He needed me to do. Often when going through music keeps me on level ground. I added a category to the blog about music. I will post songs of comfort, peace and praise! I can’t hold a tune but I can worship God. God never once said,” you must worship in tune. He does require you to worship in spirit and truth. Allow the songs I post to clear your heart and mind as they have done for me. Praise and worship can happen any day, stop waiting until Sunday. God hears our praise and worship 365 days a year. I trust you will enjoy the songs I post. Each song has a personal meaning for me. Below you will find a scripture; Psalm 105:2 AMP Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; meditate on and talk of all His marvelous deeds and devoutly praise them. Sincerely Yours, Special K!

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