Our Help.

Bloglets, what’s going on? Great day to all. I am well got to work a little early to post my thoughts!

Let’s talk about the feeling of being abandoned as a result of violence. Violence does NOT always mean physical. Domestic violence can be mental, financial and verbal. He might not hit you BUT if he controls your body, money, friends and mind you too are a victim.

If you just discovered in some form you’re being abused, you will NOT be the first or the last. There is hope for you. I suggest you escape while you still have the option. He never starts of beating you. It starts off small and leads to more violent forms.

Let me explain a few things to you. Date rape often goes unreported because of ignorance. Not calling you ignorant just follow me. Has your man ever come home and forced himself on you?  Has he started trying and you said, “no?” That my dear is how sexual abuse starts. We feel like, “he loves me so much.” The minute you showed NO desire and he kept going you just became the victim of date rape. I walked down this road a few times.

Often feeling like he would go elsewhere if I didn’t give up the cookies. This is where we enter into the mental abuse. Ladies, if cheating is in his heart HE IS GOING TO. Never feel like you have to keep giving him sex to keep him. Remember one thing you marry what you date. Mental abuse takes a toll on your mind and self-esteem.

Remember I told you about my chipped tooth?  He really made me feel like crap. I would look in the mirror to smile with my mouth closed. I wouldn’t smile in a lot of pictures. I hated taking pictures. I didn’t want those memories. Anyone who makes you feel less than is NOT the man for you!

I am about to share one of the most foolish things that ever went through my mind. When people ask my why I stayed, my response my blow your socks off and some might even agree. I stayed because he wasn’t selling drugs when we first got together and I wasn’t about to let another woman reap the harvest of fast money. Silly and ridiculous when I think of all the pain I endured.

Money makes the world go round; I was eating good shopping good and living alright. He actually persuaded  me to purchase a house when I was only 19. My mother told me NOT to but I felt this would secure a future together. Not the case at all secured the house being taken away.

Ladies, I don’t blog to brag and boast. My only purpose is to inform you, help you from making silly mistakes. For years I hurt something awful. People who didn’t live with us still have the own interpretation of how we lived.

Let me share this with you. It wasn’t until God showed me love. He took me broken, bruised and battered and showered love down on me. When I realized Jesus had to die for my healing and restoration I was able to appreciate the cross even more.

Let me leave a scripture with you;

John 16:7 NIV

But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

Jesus had to die for the comforter, healer, provider and way maker to come to us. Please don’t take the blood shed lightly. Jesus died so we might have life and have it abundantly!

Later on I will talk about abuser number 2. Please continue to pray for healing in this matter.

Sincerely Yours,

Special K!

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