She Cried Out For Help ….

Bloglets, how are you? I’m ok a mind has been on overload as I think of the woman from Wisconsin. She cried out, spoke up and was still the victim of domestic violence.

My passion is domestic violence if you follow nomoreblows, that’s my passion. My passion is taking a stand and sharing the greatness of God!

This post is a request asking you to join me in prayer. Pray for all families and a special prayer for the children behind.

As Domestic Violence month comes to an end the post will not. I refuse to stop speaking about an issue that sends more women to the ER than any other injury.

Please join me in saying a prayer for all who’s life will forever be changed by the tragic turn of events.


Special K.

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4 thoughts on “She Cried Out For Help ….

  1. I commend you on taking a stand on an important issue. It’s sad that there isn’t more done. I can only pray more legislation and more protection is given….


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