Are You The Real Deal????

Have You Been Artificially Inseminated?

Christianity today can be confusing, that’s why it’s important to study the Bible for you. In 2 Timothy 2:15(AMP) God calls us to study, be eager and do our utmost to present ourselves unto Him. He also instructs teachers to rightly divide the word of truth with skill.

It’s the rightly dividing part Pastors and teachers are to be honest. Not making ANY excuse for habitual sin habits. If you can preach about giving, you can preach about deliverance. However we live in a world where everyone according to some Pastors goes to Heaven. It’s at the funeral most are artificially inseminated. I’m not saying Heaven and Hell are not real places. But what I am saying is; where you spend eternity is up to you. The best way to deal with Heaven and Hell is to back it up with scripture. You will need your Bible as we explore if you’ve been artificially inseminated.

As we examine the call to leadership in the church, a few questions arise from those who attend church also from those who don’t attend church. In 2012 some feel we have more appointed leaders than anointed. We have fathers and grandfathers passing on leaving well established ministries to their sons and grandsons. With that being said,” Is you calling appointed or anointed?”

Now let’s explore the Bible and see what God has to say. In 1 Timothy 3 the scripture says, “All leaders are called to be the husband of one wife, sober, showing LOVE to all, gentle considerate” and I saved the best for last “not having a love for money.” Another good point in verse 4 of this same chapter Timothy goes on to say, “he must rule his own household.” If a Pastor’s home is a mess what good would he bring to the Kingdom? Not a perfect house but a house of order and respect is what God desires. Again the question is; are you appointed or anointed?

What fruit do you see? Is he always angry, busy to gossip, have slandering ways or just simply bringing division and death to the kingdom? A little saying I say, “Mega Church does NOT mean Mega Saints.” The church you attend does NOT guarantee a spot in Heaven. Perversion is NOT of God.

According to Galatians 1:7-9(AMP) we are told anyone who comes to bewilder, teach falsely or pervert the word of God shall be doomed to eternal punishment. In my opinion we do have some leaders guilty of this charge, altering the word of God to bring comfort to those comfortable in sin.

As we read 2 Peter 2 (AMP) God tells us what we see is NO surprise. It was written as a warning, this is the reason why it’s very important to study all sixty-six books for you. If you decide to make the choice to follow their immoral ways that’s up to you. I was once going down this wrong path. I was taught speaking in tongues was a thing of the past. Then, I was told by another leader I wasn’t saved because I never spoke in tongues. A classic case of artificial insemination yes, I was a victim.

Even though I was told  I wasn’t saved because I didn’t speak in tongues or that I believed in tongues, I didn’t allow either opinion to change my view on God or my relationship with Him, because I knew the work he completed in me. I was a living example of Galatians 5:19-21. At one point most of the sins listed above were a daily practice for me. The fact conviction set inside of me with/ without tongues. According to Romans 10:9, all I needed to do was confess, believe in my heart and trust. Again I must ask have you been artificially inseminated.

Let’s take the test; have you been artificially inseminated? Again, be eager to study for yourself, read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. To me it’s plain to see not everyone has made it to Heaven. At the end of those verses is like the calm after the storm. No matter where you are now, the bloodshed on Calvary was to deliver us from all SINS, set us free and give us a new look in life. Grace is a free gift; if someone made you feel it would cost money please get a refund.

The one thing you will sacrifice is your flesh; you must die daily to live for GOD. Please read Romans 8:13, I refuse to be guilty of artificial insemination. Killing the flesh is a process and you need GOD to do so. Romans 8:13 tells us to habitually put to death evil deeds. Again are you appointed or anointed?

The knowledge I’ve shared with you, you should now be able to tell if you’re a victim of artificial insemination. This was NOT to dog Pastors. I just want you to think about who you follow. Is GOD real? Yes I’ll never doubt. Again, the Bible tells us to beware of false teachers. And if God gave us the warning we must NOT ignore it. Please read 2 Timothy 3:2-4. If this is the person you’ve been following, you’re not the first and will not be the last.

I was there once feeling like my Pastor had all the answers and lived according to God. I thought my way of believing was right and all others were wrong. It wasn’t until I became eager, hungry and dehydrated for the word God I was able to get anything through my thick skull. I had to allow GOD to deposit truth and knowledge into me.

I needed a detox from all the myths I believed. I had to ask GOD to heal my mind, body and soul. This deception was worse than any bad relationship. Now I’m involved with a church on a mission to set the city of Dayton on fire. They are far from perfect, but just full of passion to hold the saints accountable. Never give up on God! He is perfect man is NOT. My last reading for you is Hosea 4.

“God is looking for the humble and meek; He has enough arrogant boastful tearing the kingdom up!”



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