Thank GOD for your HATERS!!!

Bloglets! Hey how are you?  I am well listening to the sermon from Sunday for the 3rd time! It is my motivation for todays post. We are going to talk about the GOSSIP FOLKS!

Yes, the are all around in the church and the world. Stop worrying about what they say about you. I did that for years. I have lived a very PUBLIC life not proud just sharing the facts.

I was ashamed for years however me being ashamed is denying the grace and mercy of God. Women die at the hands of men and GOD kept me. I refuse to walk around in shame and allow women to stay in chains. Freedom is for all God does NOT have a favorite child. What He does for one He will do it again. That is what builds the testimony of the survivor!

Critics, haters and footstools are all one in the same. They all go about talking and slandering your name. You need them as footstools. Those are the very people GOD will one day put to silence. Remember GOD is omnipresent.

Some friends will become critics before its all over. Jesus had Judas so it’s all good! Learn not to fret about what they say about you. One day you will learn to thank them for turning their backs on you.

I have three friends from childhood who have been by my side. Through all the scandals and drama. How do you determine your real friends?  NO matter what is said about you they know enough about your CHARACTER. They are NOT foolish enough to believe the gossip and slander being spread about you.

Those who join in with the gossip really don’t know much about you. And often they need you for something. I had one of those friends in my adult life. She was messy and often kept drama going in our inner circle. That’s another post.

Today don’t seek revenge seek GOD to handle that mess. That’s all it is and you holding on to it is doing damage to your body. Forgive them and let it go!

The verse I want to leave with you is;

Proverbs 16:27-28 MSG

Mean people spread mean gossip; their words smart and burn. 
Troublemakers start fights; gossips break up friendships.

Which side are you on? Just remember when you spread GOSSIP there is always a 50/50 chance you can look like a fool. Spread facts NOT gossip.

If you are the victim of gossip and slander, learn to be thankful for it. One day GOD will make the lying tongues stop! Also NEVER worry about what your abusers family shares with people. Most people side with their family right or wrong.

Sincerely Yours,

Special K!

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