Jail Mail……

Bloglets! Howdy do? It’s been a few days sorry for the delay,  this post has been a long time coming. We shall explore the Forever Stamp, Jail Mail or I’ve always wanted you. Sincerely,
Mr. Need money on my books!

Ladies, have you ever heard any of those statements above? I was approached by a young lady who told me I was cheating with her man. I was dazed and confused as to what she meant.

A young man I dated was sentenced to jail time hard core time when this young lady approached me. Like I told her
NEITHER one of us will ever have him again. This was in my younger days, so I went on to remind her I was the LAST woman he was with. Childish looking back but I was 19 years old.

She felt the need to share how much he said he loved and NEEDED her at this point in his life. And he would need her to send money, come visit and send pictures for him to sit and dream about.

Many young ladies are the victims of I love you and need you now. Let me make one point clear, “If he had to get time to express his love for you, chances are your just some money and a visiting pass.” My job is to keep it real with you. We are looking to let freedom ring, NOT add to the bondage.

Let’s look at this a few ways first of all why do you deserve a man who has made a career out of being a criminal? And if he has children he will NEED to mend those relationships after being gone for years. If he did make you a priority his kids would almost hate you. I know what it’s like to have an absent Father, then he appears with other people. That’s another post.

Ladies, we have to demand more than a jail mail Boo Thang. You deserve someone to love you and not use you. Are the victim of jail mail Boo? Get a pen and add a few things up.

1. Add up your phone bill.
2. Add up gas money to go visit him.
3. If he is doing fed time add a hotel stays they are NOT in all 50 states.
4. Kids sports if he is the father you are paying that alone.
5. Daycare bill/ school fees.
6. Then add up how much time you WASTE going on those visits.

Adds up real quick do you really have it like that? Are you taking welfare money to apply to his books? Who are you robbing the most?  Your children they could always use that money for something else. I have one better for you, how would you feel if he was sending that money to another woman?

It can be done! The young man I mentioned use to send me $100.00 dollars every year for my birthday. Yes you read that right!  So here she is asking me about a man who is sending me her money. I was younger and didn’t see anything wrong with him spending her money on me.

Now that I am SAVED and wiser it’s my job to inform you how the game works. And after all mentally the toll it takes on your mind when you hold him down, he comes home and you don’t exist any longer. That’s painful and takes a lot out of you. Well listen my dear you have an advantage against the woman being beat.

You don’t have anything or anyone keeping you hostage. Please don’t worry about raising the kids alone you will NOT be the first or the last. You deserve more than a letter and home made picture for your birthday. Love is Gods design for you. Not lust because he needs pictures to keep him hard and money to keep him full. It’s not your job!

Simply stop writing and accepting the calls. After all can you really afford it? The kids can talk to him when they go visit his family. If you two don’t have kids you REALLY want to think again. Its real easy for you. After all you say you’re polished right? Imagine the cracks in the polish when he is free and playing you again.

Love yourself enough to know that’s NOT the love God called you too. Remember even though he is NOT beating you physically, mental abuse is just as bad my dear!

Sincerely Yours,

Special K!

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