The Tongue of Torment

Bloglets, how are you? The last few post have been mini series. This post will be about the tongue.
Often when we think about violence physical is what we think about. The tongue can be more deadly than some blows.

Follow me as we explore a few things men say that make us smile. The one I heard the most was, “if I can’t have you NO one will have you.” Me and my ignorance took that as ,he loves me so much he doesn’t want anyone else to be with me. Translastion, “you get out of line I will take you out.” I was young and silly thinking I had a winner who only loved me.

The next phrase that would make me smile, “I only want to spend my time with you.” Not always a bad thing BUT when a person is being abused it is. This allows the predator to follow your every step making it the harder to leave if you need to. He knows all your routes and who your talking too. Its ok for him to know your friends, he doesn’t have to be in EVERY conversation you have.

Not being abused BUT have a feeling a friend is? Here are few things you can do to keep both of you safe

1. Send emails to each other this leaves a paper trail.
2. Some companies now offer free phones order one for emergency use only.
3. Never let him know your aware of his abusive  her beatings will get worse.
4. Together plan a safe escape for her and the children. (If she has kids )
5. If he has NO idea where you live open your place with the AGREEMENT she is NOT to have any contact with him.
6. Contact authorities if you feel it’s life or death.

Those are just a few tips. Oh yeah NEVER call her dumb or stupid he does a fine job beating her with words. Bible verse to think about today.

Proverbs 10:11 AMP

The mouth of the [uncompromisingly] righteous man is a well of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.

Special K,

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