The Heart of Man 3of3

Okay, I had to post part three today. I was thinking some will have a long Holiday weekend and I had to get this out of me! Columbus Day is Monday, kids still have school and reading is always best when alone!

As we continue to live right on this journey, we have no idea when it will end here on earth. Read Romans 10-9-13. Now do you believe there is hope for a new heart? See that was written for all, not just a certain few. The Bible is a book open to the public and free knowledge to all who read it. That’s the free gift I was speaking of on the beginning. God just wants you to confess your sins, no need to be shy about it, because He already knows each and every sin. So to the woman who had an abortion, to the man who went on a killing spree, and to the child who stole that candy bar, the Lord will forgive you. God doesn’t measure sin; all is wrong and unpleasing to God. Remember God knows you better than you know yourself, He created you. God sees all that happens here on earth and because He already knew how wicked the world would be he sent Jesus to die on the cross. Jesus died for sins each and every one sin we as sinners would commit. Yes I said we, because the Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory. Now that is what you call love. After reading the passage it makes me want to cry out to the Father. Let’s Pray:

                             Father in Heaven who created this evil heart of mine help me daily to live for you. Forgive me of my sins, please change my heart and make it clean and pure. Take away all that is not pleasing to you. Purge my thoughts of evil. Father from the day forward give me a heart pure and righteous thought. Give me a heart not to judge, but to help those you have yet to save. It is only because of your grace that we are saved not of works. Lord in this process of changing my heart please renew a right mind, make it sweet and acceptable in you eyes. I’m not perfect, but still lead me and guide me into all truths. Father I have tried it on my own yet I have little success. So I call out to you Abba Father, please change me into a person who fears you. In Jesus name I pray,


                             Now that we have prayed that prayer what do we do this new heart? Now you must start life a new way, a life of joy, because once you leave earth you’ll be called up with the Father who is in Heaven. Don’t worry or get scared life has just begun. I hope you have enjoyed what God has revealed to you about you. I sure enjoyed what He revealed about me. May the Lord God Bless you real good. I love all of you with the love of Christ our soon coming King..

This project was given to me years ago! I now see why WE must wait and allow God to have the say in when projects are released!

Special K,


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