The Heart of Man…..2of3

Bloglets, today we will talk about requesting a NEW HEART! You will need a Bible for day two as well. Happy reading!

God created your heart read Job 23:16. That’s something to rejoice about. Who better to ask for a new heart other than the maker? How often is it when something in your house goes bad you call the store and want a new one? Better yet you still have a warranty you call the maker to get a replacement? Well since God created your heart that’s still under warranty why not ask for a new one? And the kind of warranty God has to offer is eternal and guess what it’s free. I guess the best things in life are free. It may cost you some friends, maybe your job, and even some family. To me heaven is worth the trade. So right now go in the secret place and ask the creator for a new heart. God has your heart so connected with him read Prov. 27:19, this is getting real good to me hope you feel the same way. What does your heart reveal about you? If your heart isn’t pure it reveals Sin. I have a few different verses for you to read Jer. 17:9-10, Matt:16-16-20, Acts: 5-3-4, and Acts 8-21-23. Did that make you think? Write down a list of what went through your head as you read. Take your thoughts to the Creator and ask for a new one. Continue to go back like you would continue to call the store or company. Remember God hears all, his line is never busy, and for that matter you’ll never have to wait fifteen minutes. And the best thing God as no automated system. I sure hope by this point you are sitting thinking where and how do I began. There is hope for all, who God has called according to his purpose. If you are reading this that doesn’t make you unsaved, because the heart is something serious. And the remember put on your construction hat, because the Father is working on you daily. Remember, your heart is your life line while here on earth, and your way to be with our Father after life here. We are going to search and see what else the Bible says about this heart given to us. Let our journey to truth continue.

Doing what’s right is NOT always easy BUT it will allow you to come out on TOP! Have a great day;-)


Special K,


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