The Heart of Man…..Part 1of3

Bloglets, howdy do? I am well! Happy I’m finally able to convert this file. I have been trying since I started this blog to post this. As you read you will notice it’s dated from 2009, I kept the original date to show only GOD knows the real release date! Save what you write and allow GOD to release it when He is ready! You will need your Bible for the next series of post.


The Heart of Man


                             I have always wondered why we as humans rob, kill, steal, rape, lie, cheat, deceive; commit fornication, commit adultery and you know the list could go on. On day after years of wondering God revealed to me it’s naturally in humans. Our hearts are wicked and deceitful. The matters we deal with in 2009 go way back before we were born. The BIBLE says, “While we were sinners Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) So that means just because we were born in sinners doesn’t mean we have to stay in sin. Many have prayed the sinners, and many other prayers. After that prayer is prayed we need to fasting and praying for a new heart. Let’s stop asking for things that make us look good on the outside. Cry out to the Father who loves you dearly for a new heart and spirit.


                   The heart has been wicked since before you and me. In asking God to prove that to me He took me to the first book in the Bible. Turn right now to Genesis 6: 5­6 that is real powerful isn’t it? I want you to meditate in on that for one minute and tell God thank-you for the cross and the blood. I think this is good to see Sin has been around since the beginning, we must stop pointing fingers to everyone around us and realize it’s in our nature. Just remember you don’t have to stay that way, as you continue to read there is a way to change. We often wonder what part of us God looks at the most it’s our heart nothing else. God doesn’t care what kind of car you drive, how big your house is, how many degrees you have, or how cute or handsome you are. So brothers and sisters let’s get this show on the road. The next time you see that homeless person, car on the side of the road, or family struggling help. Make it come from your heart, don’t do it so man can see, do it so the Father in heaven can see. Your reward will be great and well worth it. Remember one thing while you are being kind God is looking at your heart, so do it with pride. The next time you think about blessing someone don’t do it so that you can brag, just think of what God gave you. Most important don’t do it expecting anything in return from human, that will hurt you every time. I can’t think of anyone else who knows your heart so good and will continue to LOVE you. Remember that last person you upset or hurt? Ask God to forgive you, with an open heart. Then continue to ask God to renew your heart. Ask him to renew a right spirit within you. Who made the heart inside of you


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