My Life My Passion……

Welcome, I’m a 31 year old domestic violence survivor. This blog has been a long time coming, and God has made this possible. After years of being pushed by Penda James a very close friend more like a sister then eventually getting advice from Pastor Jamila Lyons from The Market Place Movement in Dayton, Ohio this blog is now possible. Two months ago my Pastor challenged us to find a verse or verses and preach your testimony. The two that did me well were Isaiah 62, in this Chapter God talks about the vindication, and he also says,โ€ His delight is in me.โ€ The one scripture that is most quoted is Romans 8:28; and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (NIV). Yes after the healing your abuse will work out for your good!

I have survived sexual, verbal and physical abuse. My posts will come from the heart. I will share my personal experience with each issue and also discuss how I overcame each one. Some post might be a little graphic however it’s reality and if you can watch those, “Reality Shows,” you can sure read about something that effect 1in4 women in the United States. Count the number of cyber friends you have, the number of ladies you see daily or just your family. One out of four of them are being abused in some way.

Let me give you brief snapshop back in time when abuse started for me. My first case of abuse was when six years old; a neighborhood who then was a teenager would make me perform sexual acts in a tree house in the back of their house. The next case I was ten years old, my mother trusted her childhood friendโ€™s son to keep both me and my sister on weekends. These are just a few of the sexual abuse encounters I had outside of a relationship.

It wasn’t until I was seventeen years old when the abusive relationships started. This point in my life I didn’t have self-esteem, already the mother of a two year old child and barley making it in school. My boyfriend would abuse me in all areas, until he could longer get to me. This man has taught me what it means to forgive and let go. The next person was the very last guy I ever ALLOWED to abuse me. He was also the father of my son, and felt like he owned me sexually. I will go more into depth about these men in later posts.

I refuse to make all the post sad and depressing. I will talk about the abuse and the ways to help overcome it. For years I knew I would one day be sharing my story with other young ladies. I have two books half way written. It wasn’t until I ask God how this would happen the blog came about.

I wasn’t thinking about a blog, until God showed me two things; the blog will build you a group of followers who are interested in my writing and help with those looking for a way out. The blog will be faith based, without GOD we are and will never make it out of the victim phase.

The blog serves two main purposes; to bring awareness to an issue that is usually only talked about when someone famous is battered, and secondly to bring healing to the lives of the victims and their families. Our goal is one SURVIVOR at a time! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX to all.

Thanks for taking time out to subscribe to my blog and please share with your friends. Pray for the predator and prey daily! With GOD we will OVERCOME!


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