Bloglet Love

Good Morning! I want all the wonderful bloglets to start a wonderful habit I have, start journals. I journal for two reasons; the first is my journal does NOT gossip and secondly it’s always good to reflect on your growth. Some might be thinking, “I don’t like to write.” I hear that often, maybe you don’t have friends who always have a opinion about your life. Guess what?  Your journal never says, “if it was me I would!” You don’t have to get anything fancy,  start with a one subject notebook. I have plenty of those. When I was looking for peace I found a notebook with peace symbols on the front, when writing about matters of the heart I found one with hearts on the front. Just a few suggestions not law:-) Well have a WONDERIFFIC DAY! Remember our the goal is one survivor at a time!  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO:-)

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